Sunday, October 08, 2017


Alitalia is one airline I have never flown, despite holding tickets with them on a few occasions. Given that they are in SkyTeam and with the threat of bankruptcy coming ever closer, I guess I will have to do with the review that TPG posted the other day and, as tradition now has it, cooking one item on the menu, the latter along the motto “the simpler, the better”.

When I do not think about airline cuisine, I think about colonial legacies and about privilege as in not seeing. Maybe it is first now, in the early 21st century, that we are slowly beginning to understand what it is that we have done to each other. For some, this may simply be too much to fathom. Similarly, when I think about gender, I sometimes cannot feel anything but resignation and hopelessness. The political debate is still so primitive, we are debating differences in pay (which, yes, is important!) when we should (also) be debating who is being present, who has the right to leisure and who pays the physical toll of childbearing.

With colonialism, I am perhaps more of an optimist, at least in the long run. I still believe that humanity will eventually emerge as one common planetary civilization. But it cannot be done without first fully recognizing the genocidal roots of modernity and the structural racism which is still very much alive today, even in Sweden.

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