Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Russian River

E. M. Forster, himself famous for the novel A Room with a View, once remarked "Moby-Dick is full of meanings: its meaning is a different problem”. After two days at home with Eddie, I have to agree. Now as he has recovered, I roast some onion and garlic in the oven before mixing it with asparagus, goat cheese and fresh basil.

At Systembolaget, I picked up a pinot noir called “Irony” from Russian River Valley, of course truly irresistible for an unceasingly allusive blog like Rawls & Me.

Still, to be sure, the bright overwhelming light of Northern California is a world away here in Tomtebo. Past the equinox, the days are quickly growing shorter. Yet, to my surprise, I feel much less dread than in previous years. New global adventures certainly await but, even without them, I guess I am becoming increasingly acclimatized.

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