Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fugitive pieces

A glass of Cigarra, a Portugese red wine made of shiraz and tinta barocca, turns out to be the perfect rain weather companion to the novel “Fugitive Pieces” by Canadian author Anne Michaels. On the other hand, time turns out to be somewhat of a blind guide as the story shifts from war in Poland to that most elusive of islands, Zakynthos. Written in the late 90’s, it certainly speaks of vertical time and mysterious symmetries.

In less than a hundred hours, I will be on a flight to Zürich and then Barcelona. Last time I was in Catalonia, I was struggling to finish my PhD, feeling the pressure as time was running out and my own limitations were becoming visible, also for my supervisors back in Lund. This time around, there is no academic stress but just a short mischievous escape from all the duties and responsibilities of the real world.

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