Sunday, May 14, 2017

Movie making

Over the last weeks I have been recording a number of videos as part of a course on "digital pedagogical competence" that I am currently taking. Today, I shot a meta video on the making of these videos as well as finished the written part of my final assignment so hopefully I can soon add this course to the other three that I have already taken at the Centre for Educational Development (UPL) at Umeå University.

So far, I must say that I really appreciate the courses I have been able to take since moving back to Sweden almost three years ago. Unlike in Korea where professional development was more or less unheard of, the fact that such courses are offered signals a growing recognition of pedagogical skills and a genuine desire to make university teaching better. Another great thing with UPL is that you get to meet people from across all academic disciplines which tends to give a lot of new perspective and ideas for future research collaboration.

Once you get beyond the awkwardness of hearing your own voice, making movies in itself has been a lot of fun. For the autumn semester and my online course for future police officers I plan to take these videos to the next level and, among other things, use the green screen more.



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