Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Pasta e ceci

Sometimes good cooking does not have to be complicated. Today I just fried some garlic, rosemary and chili in olive oil, added chickpeas and white wine, put it all in the blender and then, super simple, a very tasty vegetarian Tuesday dinner.

As a way of procrastination, blogging food surely beats fighting Twitter wars with Germans over climate policy. Like milleniarists whose predictions have failed to materialize, these people desperately try to come up with new and ever more intricate explanations as to why Germany is still doing the right thing despite that emissions do not go down. In retrospect, it is all very simple. Closing down your largest stable source of low-carbon electricity is a stupid idea in a climate crisis. And a nuclear build-out similar to the one in Sweden or France could quickly have replaced coal in terms of baseload generation and effectively slashed emissions.

Now time for dessert.

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