Saturday, April 22, 2017

Andean imaginings

Somehow, the latest issue of the Coop magazine managed to perfectly capture my own ambivalence towards food these days. Lots of experimental green burgers and vegan brunches but also a decadently roasted chicken with lemon zest and garlic which very much reminded me of visiting Björn in Somerville. The horror of realizing that, at the end of the day, my ethical ambitions only seem sufficient to make me a pathetic “flexitarian” (for a more generous take on semi-vegetarianism, check out this new piece from the Breakthrough Institute).

After some deliberation I went for an Australian avocado bowl with quinoa and sweet potatoes served with halloumi. Boiling the quinoa made me think of when I plotted my summer flights, that once again I seem to return to the same places rather than seeking out the unknown. Although both California and the Pearl River Delta hold very special places in my heart, I cannot but wish that one of those flights were to Peru, Sub-Saharan Africa or, just, next-door Russia.

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