Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nuclear cultures

On Sunday night I got a chance to fly one of SAS's brand new A320neo, LN-RGL "Sol Viking, complete with mood lighting and everything. Cruising up along the Gulf of Bothnia, I made quite a bit on progress on my latest paper which compares deindustrialization and nuclear in terms of their historic mitigation potential (spoiler alert: unlike renewables, they are both really effective at reducing emissions). As for nuclear, I was given "The Nuclear Culture Source Book" as well as a wonderful letter from the museum after my talk so apparently I was not alone in finding it fruitful.

This morning, with a yellow alert for snowfall in effect, Hamburg truly feels like a world away. The Easter bunny just brought me a gigantic egg with 120 public administration exams to mark over the coming days so bear with me.

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