Monday, April 17, 2017

City running

After casually discussing the end of the world in my previous post (yes, one gets desensitized from working on global catastrophic risks for too long), it would be nice to end the Easter break on a somewhat brighter note.

Before I had kids, one thing I really liked to do was to go running in new cities. The list of past favourite runs includes Boston and Helsinki but also Kiruna. Today at Åhléns I made a super bargain when I was able to buy Vagabond’s collection of global city runs at a 75% discount. Obviously, this may turn out to be less of a bargain when one considers the money I may spend on actually travelling to those places. Both Rio and Cape Town are already on my bucket list (probably for good reasons, the book sadly has no Beirut run, even as it is perhaps the city I am most eager to visit right now!).



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