Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Four hours into the flight, Frithiof Viking is now more than halfway along its North Atlantic Track, slightly south of Greenland. Some time ago, Eddie and I read an article in Svenska Dagbladet Junior about Dagny, who at the age of 104, may well be the world’s oldest blogger. The article featured a timeline which marked her birth the same year that Titanic went down. This in turn led to a long conversation and many questions over the following days about ice bergs, the passing of time and the vastness of oceans.

With both kids back home, an intensive week now awaits in America. First New York tonight before taking the Northeast Regional Amtrak service down to Baltimore tomorrow morning for three days at the ISA convention. Afterwards, we hope to get one last night in Kalorama and a Sunday stroll in DC before flying back to Sweden on Sunday.

At the ISA, I am looking forward to chairing one panel on the governance of new environmental technologies, being discussant for one panel on “urbanization, technology and ecology” and then presenting my own paper in a panel featuring everything from the metaphysics of the Anthropocene to imagination as transformational capacity. As always, the programme is packed with tons of fascinating stuff including an old friend from HUFS who will present his paper on evolving US-led alliance structures in East Asia.

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