Saturday, December 31, 2016

Full circle

Ever since William was born, we have opted for an early New Year’s lunch rather than dinner. This year, I have baked some zucchini with chèvre and saffron risotto, of course served with the house champagne.

Beyond my new gym card, I decided this morning to become a founding member of Environmental Progress. This new NGO is leading the fight for clean energy. As a first step, this means stopping the premature closing of existing nuclear reactors. Once a levelled playing field has been established in which all low-carbon sources are treated equally, the next aim of Environmental Progress is to create an expansive new vision for nuclear power in the decades to come. With this decision, I have come full circle from being strongly anti-nuclear to realizing that nuclear is absolutely essential if we want to secure a prosperous global future without dangerously destabilizing the global climate or further squandering our ecosystems.

2017 is now little more than ten hours away here in Europe. I have no doubts that it will be a difficult year in many ways. Yet, I am equally convinced that ultimately we will find our way. So here is a, still somewhat early, happy new 2017!

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