Friday, December 30, 2016

Ecomodern workout

As I have mentioned before, one of the things I really liked with the new house was that it is possible to jump right out of the door and go running in the woods. However, between kids, tons of ice and a left knee that starts hurting past 6-7 km (the track around the lake is 8.34 km), there has not been that much running through the autumn.
Meanwhile, the university changed their discounted gym from IKSU to USM and that too became a convenient excuse. Today, however, I decided to make an early New Year's resolution and sign up for a new gym card. To celebrate the occasion I of course took on my "High-Energy Planet" t-shirt (courtesy of the Breakthrough Institute) to give me an extra boost. Unfortunately, despite very much decoupling from nature in every other way (well, the treadmill monitor did show a forest track when active) my knee started hurting a lot before I even reached 4 km. Contrary to the instincts of my former self, I decided to stop right there so next time I will be a bit more careful.



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