Saturday, December 10, 2016


With still almost a fortnight left until the winter solstice, the sun begun setting already at 1 pm, just as I was about to serve some paella. It is something with this time of the year that invites comfort food, at least up here in the High North. Today, William turns two and the day started off with singing at 04.50 a.m. since the young man still has a rather extreme fondness for early mornings.

While away in the UK, I was able to submit a number of abstracts for different conferences and special issues. Hopefully I will hear back about these soon so I can begin planning the year ahead. Yet, for the next 70 days I know for sure that I will remain firmly on the ground here in Umeå. This also means that I can now summarize my travels for 2016. Apparently, this year was somewhat less crazy than the previous one, with the air miles clock stopping at 45 901 miles and nine different countries visited (of which one was new, the Ukraine).

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