Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Morning coffee

As readers of this blog probably know by now, for the last eight or nine months, William has insisted on waking up around 4 a.m. Every attempt to delay his early mornings has so far failed, including long late afternoon naps and putting him to bed first at nine or ten in the evenings. It is like he has this internal atomic clock determined to ensure that his dad gets a morning walk with the stroller regardless of how horrible the weather outside may be...

For now, it is still summer and I have somehow come to, ever so slightly, appreciate this bizarre habit and my walks through a world of morning dew, mail flights taking off in the distance and partygoers struggling to get home after too many drinks. These days, I even make a grande latte to bring along. Obviously, when winter comes and it is -30 degrees, the whole routine is a bit more brutal. Hopefully, the fact that William is starting at the nursery in a couple of weeks will help but I would not count on it.


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