Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Out of Cape Cod Tonight

Given my more or less permanent state of sleep deprivation, I played it safe and went for some lapsang souchong rather than a whiskey. Outside, a thunderstorm is building up and I am reminded of late nights alone in the beanbag at Burggasse. It is twelve years ago now.

I never made it out to Great Point Light on Nantucket during my spring semester in America. When Markus came over from Vienna, we did follow the Long Island Seashore for a while, otherwise I stayed most of the time near New York or somewhere else completely. Yet, like the beaches of Plum Island, it is still on my list.

I do not know why, but each summer around this time I tend to get a sense of convergence as the metaphysical mist somehow thickens and, then, all is suddenly back to normality and the semester begins. This autumn, I will start off with my classic introductory course to political philosophy in September, followed by public administration for social work students in October, and then, a new batch of thesis students until early next year. Unlike now, I think I will have practically no time to post things here on Rawls & Me. Even now, the 15 remaining moving boxes remind me that I need to get back to reality...


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