Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This morning William was back to his 04.00 a.m. routine. The only possible upside to this is that it tends to give me a moment of peace in the evenings, like right now when I am indulging myself with a good book, some ripasso and the chance to compose my 500th (!) blog post on the backside porch.

The book by Alina Bronsky is not as random as it may seem because, in exactly three months today, I am off to the Ukraine and Chernobyl together with my co-author Jon. For my return, I am still pondering different options, including a possible overland trip into Russia, a country which I, despite all my years of criss-crossing Central and Eastern Europe, have yet to visit. Unfortunately, I need to be back in Umeå soon after to meet a new batch of social work students so any grander travel adventures will not be possible.


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