Sunday, March 07, 2010


As announced in the previous post, this weekend has for long been set aside for a weekend trip with my friend Ally. Despite that I have been living in the UK for months at the time and been to England more often than I can remember, this was actually my first visit to the North.

Looking back on the last days in and about the magnificent city of Edinburgh I must say that I am stunned! Wow! What a city, and yes, I can really see why Ally would like to move here. Yesterday we picked up a rental car and drove out to Tantallon Castle for a great walk on the cliffs with all the seabirds circling below. After the unending fimbulvinter in Sweden, all this and the green fields were certainly a solace.

And now I am back at the airport where it is time for the dissertation finale. In a week the final version is due for the "internal examiners" (grönläsning).


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