Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Overnight, another 20 centimetres of snow fell on the deep frozen ground. Nonetheless, the tram made it through the ever taller snow banks and delivered me on time for the first X2000 service down to Lund. Once aboard I got myself a warm complimentary latte and the well-needed time to finish the last remaining Powerpoint slides for my teaching. As often this time of the year, everything has been rather insane work wise with 8-23 days being the norm. Looking ahead I am afraid this will remain the case all the way up to 15 March when the revised version of the dissertation is due. The sole exception to this routine will be 4-7 March when I intend to travel to Scotland with my dear friend Ally. Further into the spring things also look much brighter with both California and India (!) already booked and ticketed. But for now, it is just to hang in there.


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