Sunday, December 13, 2009

Liminal character

Waiting for the flight back through Switzerland. An airfield small enough to not hide the liminal character of the journey in mall-like consumption and unending concourses. Instead, the windows here leave me with all the visual evidence that my 40 hours of intermission in Florence are coming to an end.

I transfer the pictures from my digital camera; there is a Buffyesque graveyard in the foreground and the rest is of course what you would expect. It was a nice walk up there to San Miniato al Monte. And being here was just as uncomplicated "good" as it can be sometimes when things are passing.


As for the EUI, it was actually much like I had expected. An incredibly beautiful setting, talented people and a sense of college-like isolation. Tomorrow I will be in Gothenburg finishing my post-doc application and then on Wednesday it is time for my “slutseminarium”, the last major checkpoint before the viva in June.


Blogger meditations71 said...

Fantastisk vy över en stad jag hoppas se en vacker dag. (En av mina fd professorer vid ASU spenderade ett år vid EUI på mitten av 1990-talet och slutade aldrig tala om hur underbart det var).

Lycka till med slutseminarium.

8:32 pm  

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