Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lunch pizza

At last all twenty take-home exams have been marked, grades submitted and personal comments sent out to the students. Like car rides on summer highways, marking exams always takes a lot longer than you are able to remember the following year.

But, finished! In the coming days my work will shift focus rather dramatically as I take on the task of redesigning the website of Transdemos – a joint research project undertaken by Stockholm and Lund University. Since I am not part of the research team, the website is something I do on a consultancy basis (like a few other similar projects). During my undergraduate studies I used to constantly switch between political science and informatics, these days the mental change is somewhat less instantenous.

Walked a bit along Carlisle St in the other direction, found a white library and another good small café called “Bruce”, owned and operated by Bruce himself. As frontline bastions of late-modernity, these places may be the first to fall if people decide to cut down on their discretionary spending. Thinking of how much such places contribute to the urban experience, one can only hope that people instead decide to not buy a new car or upgrade their cell phone to the latest model. With my breakfast running late due to the exams I traded the planned ciabatta for a delicious lunch pizza at "Bruce". I am definitely coming back.


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