Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Enoteca Oggi

I like coming back to the romanticized images of what doing a doctoral degree is like; drinking dark-roasted coffee and spending innumerable hours in university libraries, learning, meditating, writing. With the new Trandemos website finished (though still waiting for its final approval before being published) the last days have been a bit like that. More specifically, I am reading up on the early work on post-ecologist politics done by Ingolfur Blühdorn in his 2000 Routledge monograph. Will probably post more on that but first I would like to give you an “insider tips” to the area around the University of Melbourne. On 237 Lygon Street there is Enoteca Oggi, authentically Italian with outstanding food and two asynchronous clocks on its walls, one showing the local time at Fiumicino, the other at Tullamarine.



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