Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Train chatter

At last I make my escape. From seat 224 to 172, away from the deafening train chatter and into a bubble of heightened concentration. I know what I am searching for; I can see the thin line from the red pre-millennium soils of Castile-La Mancha to those bright California mornings of uninhibited potential.

Reflexive nostalgia. Blurred memories serving as waypoints of constructed meaning, by necessity unintelligible to anyone without the proper cues, the only universal element may be the process itself. In one hour I will be in Kalmar, visiting my parents for a few days, finally unpacking after America and the Caucasus, trying to make sense of this summer.

So far, I only have a few fixed dates:

6/7-11/7: Charter train guide to Austria/Italy
17/7-20/7: Oxford; conference on global catastrophic risks
22-28/8: Barcelona, ECPR Graduate Conference, FRA-bashing
1/9-1/10: Teaching in Lund; Swedish government and politics
2/10: Departure with SQ351 to Singapore and Melbourne for three months!


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