Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Cool School

This Saturday in Williamsburg was like re-enacted existence. I allowed myself to remain there on the verge between the dreamt and the real; to have pancakes with maple while Tom Waits was playing, knowing that every junction holds a very different life to be led.

It is fundamental that being with different people turns you into a different person. What is worse is to find yourself changing in ways that prevent you from accessing your own personality. Yet, I at least used to be a firm believer in the possibility to “break on through”; to find that Ekelöfian common ground deep under it all. That possibility however requires a willingness to be exposed which seems to be rare in these atheistic times.

Anyhow, the sun burnt away the fog in the best Californian manner. Despite the “burn relief gel” I can still feel it in my skin. After hours in Brooklyn we went to the movies for “Cool School”, a documentary on beat generation artists in L.A. And then again remembrance but this time in a playful manner at L’Express on 249 Park Ave South.


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