Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The restraint principle

Tuesday afternoon coffee, reading anew Marcel Wissenburg’s highly scholarly essay in Fairness and Futurity from 1998. In the background, Mississippi votes on CNN.

First, thanks Marcus for the piece by Jeremy Waldron on Minority Cultures and the Cosmopolitan Alternative which much more eloquently than my blog post below succeeds in bringing home the cosmopolitan argument.

Then, turning to the text by Marcel, I feel a strong urge to move beyond the antagonistic paradigm in intergenerational justice thinking. As I will argue in the revised version of my article for Political Studies, the restraint principle only addresses the downside of intergenerational affairs and not its possibilities. But this topic, I am afraid, is definitely too intricate for a blog post.

This weekend I will go into New York City to take part in the annual edition of the Left Forum, where, among others, Bronner will have a panel on political violence in Dafur.



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good book and "pappbecher"? How does that go together?

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