Wednesday, April 08, 2020

The Struggle is Real

Reporting from the frontlines of latte liberalism, I am doing my uttermost to keep the global economy spinning as the WTO warns that the world is on track for a new Great Depression. Between Spanish strawberries and Danish IPA, I wish we could all take this moment and appreciate the fact that we still nevertheless live in a time when the world is shrinking, not the least through the Internet. Thinking about the global reaction to Covid-19, I somehow sense a new era of common responsibility beneath all the protectionist measures, that the fear of losing loved ones, and seeing the suffering of distant others, make us pause and at least realize the absurdity of deliberately inflicting further suffering on others through military means.

One of the starkest illustrations of the limits of nationalist thinking is Trump’s recent decision to halt the delivery to Canada of urgently needed personal protective equipment from 3M’s factory in South Dakota, missing the little detail that much of the raw material used in that 3M factory comes from across the border in Nanaimo, British Columbia... On the same theme, I just learned that another anti-globalist, Bernie Sanders, has decided to end his campaign which is truly good news for the world.



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