Saturday, April 14, 2018

Prince Edward Island

Just before Christmas, I saw an ad for my dream job, a tenure-track position at the University of Prince Edward Island focused on international climate change policy. Maybe I can blame Anne of Green Gables or an imagined fondness for the Maritime Provinces, but there was something with unfinished adventures that made me seriously considering applying. Four months later, the position remains unfilled so the temptation is still there even if I get that it is not even remotely realistic.

Overnight, missiles rained down on Syria with little apparent effect except further undermining the international norm system and the role of the UN Security Council. Here in Umeå, William woke me up at 4:40 am so I read about it just as it was happening. Now, eight hours later, I decided to make a brief culinary escape to Liguria with the leftover basil. Worlds that are nearly impossible to reconcile. Unless something dramatic happens, I remain committed to travel to Tel Aviv on Friday. However, given the number of tasks I have to finish before that, I guess there will be a short break here on Rawls & Me.



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