Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bucatini con gamberetti e rucola

Back home I make my new favourite dish with sun-dried tomato pesto, lots of lemon and a "splash of white wine" to speak with Jamie Oliver. Later, I let myself drift back those nine hours across the ocean to a world of LSD-induced lyrics, winding coastal roads and excruciating sunlight.

Otherwise, I have been barely conscious for the last three days, working on a grant application to Formas as well as preparing my teaching portfolio for an upcoming external review. In both cases it is the kind of self-glorifying texts that I really dislike writing so, in a way, the jetlag has been strangely soothing. Next week, which also will be my last week at the department before the summer holidays, I look forward to more exciting tasks, including writing a review of Sverker Sörlin’s new book “Antropocen”.



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