Sunday, November 27, 2016


As far as love-hate relationships go, I think the magazine Monocle deserves a special mention. Every year around this time, I struggle with the question of whether or not to renew my subscription. I have tried to stay away, only leading to that I spent twice as much buying single issues at the local news agent. In the wake of recent events, it felt unusually important to renew as I guess I will need every bit of hope of a better world in the year to come.

In early December I am off to the UK again where I will give a presentation at The Nottingham Centre for Normative Political Theory (or CONCEPT as it is abbreviated). Since agreeing to give the talk, the world has clearly taken a sharp turn in precisely the direction I feared, towards further fragmentation and polarization. So, yes, we definitely need Monocle but also a much broader social transformation that makes us realize our common humanity and the possibilities of a fully integrated world of equal opportunity.



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