Monday, August 22, 2016

Coffee apocalypse

As far as first-world problems go, this morning should definitely count for something...

Still a bit drowsy at 5 am, I loaded the Bialetti coffee maker and put it on the induction stove, completely forgetting that I had removed the gasket when cleaning it the night before.

Everything seemed normal as I moved around the kitchen, preparing the rest of the breakfast until suddenly, kaboom! In less than a second, all of the kitchen was filled with finely grained coffee beans and steamed water. Luckily, I was facing away from the stove at the time of the explosion so I only got my neck showered which was traumatic enough. All in all, it took 1.5 hours to clean the kitchen and somehow recover from the shock.

In retrospect, one good thing came out of this beyond that the kitchen really got cleaned, namely that I now have a secret MacGyveresque escape trick if I am ever taken hostage by gangsters in Calabria who appreciate great coffee. Just offer to make them an espresso, remove the gasket and wait for the explosion…


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