Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Après Paris

This week I am in London for two short days. The official reason is a nuclear policy event but with the thesis grading season in full swing and now the proofs of my new article ”Après Paris: Breakthrough innovation as the primary moral obligation of rich countries" to correct, there has been little time to actually engage with those issues.

On my way back out to Heathrow, I realize that it was not only the freshly-squeezed orange juice or the title of my paper that made me think of Paris and all that I have chosen to forego by remaining in the High North. Though I still believe I am doing the right thing, these micro-dips into the urban whirlwind do remind me of what could have been. Early tomorrow morning, the night train service will cross the river Ume and drop me off just in front of the pre-school.

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