Saturday, April 02, 2016


This winter has been one of extremes as we have struggled to find a sleeping pattern that fits both William and Eddie. Living in a small apartment, the kids tend to wake each other up, leaving me with little other choice than taking William out for long walks so that Eddie can still go to the preschool in the morning.

Despite many attempts to delay his evenings, William keeps falling asleep around 5.30 pm and waking up, seemingly refreshed, ten hours later at 03.30 am. As a consequence, that is when I too have to get up and take the stroller out along our little creek. To stay warm during cold winter nights, I tend to pick up a large coffee at Statoil which has resulted in that I now know the staff working there quite well. In light of my previous obsession with collecting air miles and award travel, it is only expected that I have also moved on to collecting free coffee coupons at Statoil (even as I have to admit that it is somewhat less aspirational than flying around the world in premium cabins)…


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