Sunday, November 04, 2012

Das Gras ist verdorret und die Blume abgefallen

In the end, autumn did come to Korea. With the bed next to the wall and the ondol still not turned on, the winds from the North are not to be mistaken. I make some tea and try not to rush, to allow myself a non-productive moment in front of the keyboard. Not of the usual Facebook procrastination kind but rather of playfulness with words and languages. Unfortunately, my creativity fails me despite the fact that this will be my 400th post on Rawls & Me!

Anyway and anyhow, since last time around, we have been down to Taipei for an extended weekend in the sun filled with lapses in the pool at the W Hotel, some dictator sightseeing at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and a more edifying visit to the 228 Peace Museum. 1815 air miles later we know that Eddie is still a happy flyer, we can only hope it will stay that way when we head back to Sweden for a couple of weeks over Christmas. Also since last time around, I have received a very encouraging revise & resubmit on my “Ambivalence, irony and democracy in the Anthropocene”-piece which I wrote this summer while on the road in England. Walking around the nearby Kyung Hee campus, I found this perfect spot for a scholarly picture of the article in question.

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