Thursday, October 04, 2012

Another year at Hogwarts

Two months since the last post and so much has happened. Eddie has taken his first intercontinental flight, charmed all of Korea and continues to grow at a mind-blowing pace. Academically, a new semester has begun with two courses to teach and a group of ambitious master students to supervise. I am also very happy to report that after being in press for what feels like an eternity, my article on environmental citizenship has now finally appeared in print with Environmental Values. The work I did in Hong Kong has also been published in the journal International Environmental Agreements and, just this morning, I received proofs for my article on China and climate change which will soon appear in Energy Policy. All good news with much already in store for next year, including a paper accepted for a conference in San Francisco in April and one new article with the tentative title “Globalization as human freedom and responsibility” in the pipe.

Otherwise, with temperatures still hovering above 20 degrees and the trees all green, there is not much reminding me of that it is autumn. Back in Sweden, this used to be a good time for reflection, to walk by the leaf piles outside the university library in Lund listening to Edith Söderström or even disappear into some Ekelöf. But I guess there will be a time for that here as well and that I will miss my iced Americanos and the long sunny walks with the BabyBjörn once the fall actually comes.

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