Thursday, January 05, 2012

Portuguese time

Travelling the world, it is easy to become reckless with time zones. Adjusting one’s watch becomes a simple habit, something one does without much thinking when settling into an airplane seat. Two days ago, when our bus crossed the bridge between Portugal and Spain, we completely forgot.

Being on vacation, we simply did not notice that our watches were one hour behind the rest of Spain and Europe. However, at 7 a.m. this morning we got a call from the hotel reception, saying that our taxi was waiting to take us to the railway station. It did not help much that Anna with drowsiness in her voice insisted that it was only 6 a.m.

Only once, in Las Vegas when the US changed to daylight saving time two weeks ahead of Europe had I made a similar mistake. As then, the lost hour meant an insane rush but in the end we made it in time to our Madrid-bound AVE high-speed train.


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