Saturday, October 08, 2011

Post flow

Late yesterday night I finished my article on the post-Concorde world. In a moment of overconfidence I submitted it to a top-ranked journal, although I realize that the style is most likely both too essayistic and polemic for their taste.

After a slow morning, I took a walk through yet another beautiful afternoon. Living here sometimes feels a bit like the Truman Show; the same blue sky and high air every day. But then again, everyone says that autumn is the best time to visit Korea, that spring normally means toxic sand storms from China and summer is all rain and humidity.

In Itaewon, I went to my favourite Turkish kebab joint and then on to “Berlin” where the picture is taken. The last days of writing have been so very intense, super flow, and suddenly I am on the other side: time for reorientation and back to reading.



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