Sunday, September 18, 2011

Five years on five continents

Today, exactly half a decade has passed since I wrote the first entry on Rawls & Me. With the exception of the fall semester of 2007, I can see that I have posted here basically every month. Sometimes, as in Melbourne in 2008, the updates were nearly daily, other times they have been less frequent. But throughout, Rawls & Me has been a steady companion, a reflective filter through which I have been able to communicate with myself and others, a place with enough space to hold everything from superficial lifestyle blogging to religious meditation.

A few weeks ago, a friend back in Lund told me that he is keeping track of Rawls & Me through Google Reader. He also said something that made me smile, namely that in my absence, the blog feed offered him regular doses of my “peculiar mix of fear and optimism about the future”.



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