Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Starfleet graduation

Five days later and I am still in a kind of surreal mode. “Ineffable bliss” comes to mind but most of all I am feeling so very grateful for all the love I received last Friday, both from those who attend the defence in Lund and from those who for different reasons could not make it.

Before I sat down with my discussant Sverker I had made up a list:

  • Be calm

  • Don’t be ironical

  • Try to answer each question within its “domain”

  • Listen

  • Avoid talking about space and “StarTrek” in particular

  • Breath

  • Ask for clarifications
The point about StarTrek dawned on me some weeks before the viva when I talked to a person who was not at all familiar with the Trekkie universe. Though “StarTrek” for me stands for a wonderful melting pot of Greek humanism and Swedish social democracy extrapolated into the 24th century, I think it is important to recognize that for other people it may just be another strange action series with ridgy heads, pointy ears and lightsabres :-)

In light of such concerns I was extremely happy to be given these Starfleet cufflinks from my fellow PhD students...

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