Saturday, October 30, 2010

En route to Qatar

Passing over Anatolia with 1244 miles left to go until Doha. Tomorrow morning I will be in Mumbai, at the other end of the rabbit hole, suddenly thrown into a world I know almost nothing about.

Together with 11 colleagues from my department I am out on a week-long study trip which will include visits to Tata Industries, Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Indian Social Action Forum. Last time when we attempted this trip in April, our plans were dashed by Eyjafjallajökull. Instead of a week in India we then got an evening at an Indian restaurant in Lund and some sad gin & tonics. This time around however, our luck seems to be better.

I hope to be able to publish at least something here on Rawls & Me during the trip. After two days in Mumbai we will continue up to New Delhi where we will witness the Diwali festivities. And already next Sunday I will be back in Sweden where finally the tables are starting to turn; not only is the dissertation off to printing, I have also been shortlisted and interviewed for a post-doc in Hong Kong starting 1 January 2011!



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