Sunday, May 09, 2010

Slow lane

I am not a frequent reader of FT but during the weekend, their “Life & Arts” section sometimes offers rather good reading, this time about sex in Shakespeare’s writing, glasnost art and then the concluding two columns called “Slow lane” and “The Fast Lane” respectively. In the latter, the Monocle editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé writes about the shallow world of international travel, one that I can easily identify with as I down another mouthful of crisp silvaner in the Senator lounge here in Düsseldorf :-)

However, looking towards the summer, I hope there will be more slow life than fast lane. Unusually enough I do not have any bold travel plans but rather look forward to bicycle rides, archipelago excursions around Gothenburg and academic work. With my viva rescheduled for October I plan to make some revisions to the manuscript but will also take the train up to Oslo for a week-long summer school on environmental security. Another high priority is to finally submit the revised version of my article “Individual guilt or collective progressive action?” to Environmental Politics.

Meanwhile, I am not sure really what to make of Rawls & Me. It feels like I will take a little break after the latest flood of postings.

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