Thursday, November 05, 2009

Canadian airspace

It has been ten months since I last flew a long-haul and since then I had almost rubbed out the physical memory of how far 5358 miles really is, even if one now happens to be enjoying a courtesy upgrade to Economy Plus (the same as the regular Y-cabin but with a lot more legroom, indispensible for those of us who are 1.85+).

Anyway, all those inseparable hours in the air. I listen to Annika Norlin, songs about evaporating life trajectories, thoughts that have grown upon me ever since that hike along Côte d'Azur: that it gets more difficult from here on. Though life of course always has been absolute I am surprised by how tangible the process has been recently.

That it is really make it or break it.

In a shallow sense I am of course thinking about the dissertation, due for its "final seminar" at the department on 16 December. Or the course papers, the article for Environmental Politics or the Wallenberg post-doc application. But obviously there is more to it; the bitter-sweetness of actually growing up.

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