Thursday, September 24, 2009


I follow Crellerstraße for a while, looking up at all the green-clad balconies while trying to avoid bumping into the few but hurried early-morning residents leaving their homes. It is not even seven yet; if one knows how to capitalize on it, the rather extreme arrival time of the night-train gives you a somewhat unique window to the real Berlin.

Half an hour later I have completed the circle and find myself back at Yorkstrasse, exiting a yellow-red train. I know the terrain here all too well for my own good, better to seek out a nice silent café and isolate myself with the dissertation.

After a few hours of writing and pancakes at "Toronto", I realise that this is inevitably set to become one of those famous last warm days that one should better spend outdoors. Therefore, and despite the heavy backpack with all its books, I head out for some election scouting. The German federal election on Sunday is only three days away. A lot of posters everywhere but it would be a stretch to call it “election fever”. If nothing completely out of ordinary happens, Angela will gain rather substantially on her result from four years ago, right now she and her CDU has a lead of about 9-13 percent on Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his SPD. More interesting I find the political slogans of The Left: “Out of Afghanistan”, “Tax the rich” and the all-encompassing “Damit es im Land gerecht zugeht”. And of course, I just have to mention this one with a gorilla joining the fight against gentrification:



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