Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaving on a Mayday

The commuting has resumed with full strength; 1400 km this week alone and more to come before summer finally gets here by mid-June and releases me from the fixed tracks. This year, the summer promises excursions to inter alia Prague, Bingen, Marrakesh, and a utopia-workshop in Reading.

“Come fly with me, let's float down to Peru
In llama land there's a one-man band
And he'll toot his flute for you
Come fly with me, let's float down in the blue”

On the Mayday-album, I like this Sinatra cover by Anna as I keep struggling with the Manuscript.

In spite of my best intentions, I will not be able to write it all up this spring, not that it matters much with my final seminar scheduled first in December. But it would have felt so good to conclude this semester by being able to put that long text in the drawer. In any case, there are some good news as well, Environmental Politics liked the article I presented in New York in February and, pending certain modifications, it will hopefully be published by early next year.



Blogger meditations71 said...

1400 km per week ... You might be Scandinavia's greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions!

1:01 am  
Blogger Rasmus Karlsson said...

Again, I am afraid I have to disappoint you. Since all my commuting in Sweden is by train, and the Swedish Railways buy all their electricity from wind and hydro-power, each trip Gothenburg-Lund produces about 0,6 gram of carbon dioxide (compared to for instance 52 kg for the same trip in a car).

For more on this, have a look at SJ Miljökalkyl:

10:37 am  
Blogger meditations71 said...

That can't be possible. Man v nature is a zero-sum game. Then again, I haven't been to Sweden in some time. They have phased out the coal-fired locomotives then?

11:33 pm  

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