Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Laborare omnia vincit

In a surprisingly generous gesture, the evening sky turned blue and the rain dried up. No longer confined to the university library, I took the tram home, went out for five kilometres of running, poured up a glass of Proviva juice, and then found myself back with the dissertation.

Ever since I first enrolled in the PhD programme I knew this time would eventually come. The strange mixture of definite closure, frustrating inability and paralyzing anxiety. But as the days get brighter I feel that I am slowly winning over the spell, falling back into that productive mood that my memory has come to forever associate with American college grounds.

As for the near future I am also looking forward to going to Bonn for an IHDP-conference in late April and a week later to London for an educational excursion with our Lund department. I will try my best to take Rawls & Me along for both.

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