Wednesday, December 03, 2008

En route to Auckland

This Wednesday afternoon, I am crossing the Tasman Sea aboard an Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400, seat 28K as in an unexpected upgrade to Premium Economy, meaning more space, a leg rest and hopefully some tasty food to follow up on my pre-departure lounge excesses.

For those running a bit worried I am happy to report that my girlfriend was on that first SK flight to leave the former military airfield of U-Tapao on Sunday night, and is now safely back in Gothenburg with all the boomerangs and dried kangaroo meat. And the countdown from my last post continues, today it is precisely three weeks until I will depart for Sweden myself. The time down here has gone so quickly and, when I get back to Melbourne on Sunday, the remaining days will be all academic work, maybe with the sole exception of some sunset drives along St Kilda Beach as my flatmate has traded her Holden for a SAAB 93 Convertible, yellow.



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