Tuesday, November 11, 2008


After 15 km of fast running through the sunset, it felt as if I had truly earned some fine Italian food at café a taglio, a glass of chianti and time to read the book that Robyn generously gave me today. One may find the setting slightly ironic, reading a book on the role of consumption in shaping unsustainable dynamics while drinking Italian wine at the shores of the Tasman Sea. But, unlike its Canadian author Peter Dauvergne, I am (as you all probably know by now) rather optimistic about the possibilities of global commerce. However, given that the last x or so posts on Rawls & Me have been on these issues, I will let my case rest.


Out of Cape Cod tonight

All the way to New Jersey

All the way to the Garden State


Vampire Weekend playing in my earphones, music as streaming consciousness, as often I allow memories to fill me with ambiguity, and though everything is fine I am still asking myself what the coming years will be like. With my research visit to Australia I have taken the de-contextualization to its outermost, in the future I think some structure and stability will do me good, colleagues and cake-lists.

But first, another 40 days in Australia and then already a planned talk at the University of Georgia, Athens, in February in conjunction with the ISA-conference in NYC. However, hopefully not * Gold renewal in 2009.

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