Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Morning train

Travelling south along the west coast of Sweden with the first X2000 morning service, will be in Lund just in time for the department morning coffee. Yesterday was a good day, I sent in a slightly revised version of my conference paper with a summary to Manchester Metropolitan University, bought a nice camera and made my favourite pasta salad.

Today there will be a seminar on Marx and capitalism at the Malmö Festival at 7. Until then, administrative duties and preparations for the teaching I will undertake in September before leaving for Kangaroo-land.

Listening to Amy Macdonald’s enchanting Scottish accent, “where you gonna sleep tonight”, no problem relating there. Every so often I miss my room under the American trees, it has been close to three months now of roaming homelessness. In a sense, being this kind of “homeless light” strips away all that unnecessary weight and brings forth the fundamentals. At the same time, I never thought I would long so much for a simple wardrobe or a fridge.


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