Friday, March 23, 2007


Wish I still had SPSS installed on my computer, then I would be able to analyse the frequency of posts written here on Rawls & Me and see how it correlates to the number of exams I have to mark in a given week. I guess there is a very high correlation, like r2 = 0,8.

Went for sushi alone at Wasabi. Decided to not take any work with me. Not a single piece of paper to read. Nothing. For a workaholic like myself that is a true challenge, to not learn anything, to not even allow myself to be distracted by today’s IHT.

Back at the office I watched some clips from the much debated documentary series on our former prime minister in Sweden, Göran Persson. Though I try not to engage in domestic politics I must say that, of all things bad which have come out of our present centre-right coalition, one good thing was the end of Göran’s reign. It is not that Göran says evil things about his own ministers or political adversaries. Considering that Erik Fichtelius made interviews with Göran during more than eleven years it is only expected that he now and then gives a few rather naughty comments. I mean, turning to oneself, what have I not said about friends, colleagues or other people in weaker moments over the last decade? No, what scares me is just how obvious it is that Göran suffers from a grandiose personality disorder and extreme narcissism. Combined with his utter lack of ideology, I think that we in retrospect will be quite thankful that his ten years in power were not prolonged once again last September.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tokgod sushi på wasabi, den passar ju även om man är ensam. mvh Elins lillebror Emil

2:00 pm  
Blogger Natasja said...

One might think whatever concerning Göran but the question in 3,5 years will be, was it worth it, to "get rid of him"? Is this powerful but still this one single person, worse than the four entire parties together? I know what I think but we´ll all see 2010. Btw, I like your Poland post.

1:35 pm  

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