Monday, December 04, 2017

The very words I live by

One cold morning in November, I was sitting in one of those faculty meetings, looking out at the blue skies, thinking that something had to be done to improve the overall Bond factor in my life. Pretending to take notes, I did what James would have done, that is to book a ticket with British Airways from London to St Petersburg (which at 8.500 Avios and £18 in taxes is a steal).

With the visa now processed by the Russian embassy in Stockholm, my two days in St Petersburg will indeed be “shoot in and out” to borrow the words of Bond. Last time I offered a Bond quote here was in the summer of 2008 so I think it is allowed, boyish as it may be. While the actual trip will be more work than play, I am excited to get at least a glimpse of that colossal country that for so long has captured my imagination.

In other news, it is safe to say that the kids loved Stockholm. Living in a small city like Umeå, it is easy to forget what a treasure it is to have real museums, especially with a kid as inquistive as Eddie.

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