Monday, November 11, 2013

Passing through Beijing

Landing at Beijing Capital International Airport always fills me with conflicting emotions, on one hand, romantic memories from 2011 when Anna and I set out on our grand Asian tour that would take us everywhere from Phnom Penh to Bali but also, on the other hand, dark glimpses of contemporary authoritarianism and power abuse below thick layers of smog. Today the terminal is unusually cold, luckily I took my warm Emilio winter jacket with me to Sweden so I am okay.

Soon time to board my Asiana flight to Seoul. A couple of hours in the air and I will be back home with quite a backlog of work and, most likely, a brutal time zone reset as Eddie will take me to the playground early tomorrow morning :-) But already in three weeks, I am off again, this time to Christchurch for the NZPSA conference. 


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